bbskaIt’s all about bbska, a small yet useful application for storing and managing information of any kind in a matryoshka like fassion. Matryoshka (or babushka where the name bbska comes from) is a Russian nesting doll, where one (wooden) doll contains a smaller doll which contains a smaller doll and so on. Any user may access other users’ public information nodes, but only the owner may access private information nodes. An information node is a set of key/value pairs which may contain children information nodes (that is where the matryoshka way of creating an information tree comes into play), or may not contain any children information nodes (terminal node). A terminal information node may become a parent node after adding some information nodes to it, whereas a matryoshka node may become a terminal node after deleting all of her children nodes.

Bbska stores information on a MySQL/MariaDB database using a little of PHP and a little more of JavaScript software. The whole bbska project is open source under the GPL license, while the jQuery framework is used for DOM management and animations. The application software along with the database schema contains no more than 10,000 lines of code. That is to say that bbska is not a beast project and is not suitable for managing tons of information used by millions of users at the speed of light all over the world, but if you wish quick and easy access to your every day information data, then bbska is all you need. Have fun!