Caching is now on for all kinds of requests, aka privateanonymous and foreign requests. Requests are considered as anonymous when there is no logged-in user in the submitter page. Requests are considered as foreign when a logged-in user requests other users’ (public) information nodes, e.g. if user maria requests the (public) node 3552772 which belongs to user panos, then that request is considered as foreign. As for logged-in users requesting their own information nodes, private cache files will be whipped out every time the user enters update mode (B). A logged-in user may remove all cached data of her own nodes by clicking the [Recache] tab at the right side of the toolbar (A):



When a logged-in user updates her data, then that data may not be exposed to other users, especially when the nodes requested have been cached already, until the user clears her cached data. So, in order to expose updated data, the user must recache her data.

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