Bbska is on the go!

bbskaBbska (pronounced as bee-bee-ska, or ba-boo-ska, or ba-boo-ska) is a simple tool for helping you keep your every day data in a babushka-like manner, thus putting data nodes inside other data nodes, which you can put inside other data nodes and so on. As said, bbska is just a simple tool for managing small data chunks, not a database monster, neither a big data client, nor any kind of data store panacea.

You may not use bbska for storing your business data, you may not compute your company’s payroll using bbska and you cannot make scientific research with bbska. But you can use bbska for keeping your phonebook in a tree-like manner, as you can keep your browser bookmarks or your favorite music pieces, you can store and seek your books, your accounts, your friends, your thoughts and keep a simple but helpful to-do list.

You can also map your network nodes using bbska, or store and manage your chess games, as you can access your photos, your documents and your email messages. You may ask if you can keep your guitar lessons using bbska, or seek your car’s services putting records in matryoshka dolls. The answer to this kind of questions is just a few clicks away, all you have to do is to create an account an give bbska a try!

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